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Alex Heisterkamp

Alex Heisterkamp

Case Knives – Keep Your Hands Sharp

Ram — Revolution Reveal

DXM — Nobody Likes Themselves On Lean

YETI — The Program

Harbor Freight — Life Could Be A Dream

Costa — Dive

Alex Heisterkamp

Alex Heisterkamp


Alex Heisterkamp has been with Camp Lucky since 2015 and is known not just for his editorial savvy but for his deadpan wit. Over the years, Alex has lent his eye and talent to projects for such noted brands as RAM, YETI, Costa, Dickies, Lego, Whataburger, Toyota, Subway, as well as the powerful 2021 PSA about the dangers of DXM abuse. His creativity, diligence, and tenacity are a magic trifecta that has earned the unwavering trust of clients and colleagues alike. Alex came to Camp Lucky from the world of entertainment, working as a story editor on the “Bar Rescue” series for the Paramount Network and “My Cat From Hell” for Animal Planet. It was this early experience in reality and docu-programming where he first appreciated editing’s impact on tone, mood, and story. He’s never looked back.