Mark Sullivan

Mark Sullivan

Firehouse Subs — Differently

KIA — Capable Of It All

Salvation Army — The Line

RAM — It's Coming

JC Penney — Sing Along

FritoLay — SuperBowl


Mark Sullivan

Finishing Artist

If you asked Flame Artist Mark Sullivan what he loves about work, he’d say he actually gets to play all day. This perspective has passionately and positively informed his career since he first connected to the industry as a part-time cameraman shooting wrestling matches. Eventually, he discovered the post production side of the business where his communication and computer science degrees found harmony with his creative eye...and the rest is history. 

From The Salvation Army, to Ram, Kia, Frito Lay, and Firehouse Subs, among many others, the creative variety in Mark’s work is abundant. He was nominated for the Autodesk Flame Award and was a member of Autodesk’s Flame beta team, with an ever-present interest in tech’s support of creative process. Pinhole photography is one of his many hobbies, and he enjoys traveling across America with his wife and best friend Paula to find quirky, out-of-the-way attractions like the largest ball of twine or the geographical center of the 48 contiguous states.