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Laychin Lee
Laychin Lee

Laychin Lee

Lay's — Popsmile

Chuck E. Cheese — Boom

Slack — Teamwork

Cap'n Crunch — Be the Cap'n

McDonald's — Ninjago

Eyeglass World — Countdown

Laychin Lee

Finishing Artist

Having contributed CG, VFX and Finishing talent to projects for notable clients such as Frito Lay, RAM, Home Depot, Acura and Katy Perry’s “Fireworks” music video, Laychin has become a highly sought after Flame Artist. Laychin grew up in Malaysia, where she created animation and dreamed of moving to the U.S. to work on feature films. After stops in Houston and ReelFX Dallas she has become recognized and appreciated for her exacting, creative eye and ability to bring a dynamic sense of realism to the screen. 

Mark Sullivan