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Tim Nagle


Camp Lucky’s Long Form Division has steadily grown in years past on projects ranging from feature films, TV shows to network promos and trailers. Providing expertise in editorial, finish, show running, content creation and development, Camp Lucky looks to the future and continued growth with our many partners and collaborators.

Shrader Thomas

Shrader Thomas

Magnolia — VanGo (Season 2)

Magnolia — Homegrown (Season 1)

Magnolia — Family Dinner (Season 2)

Shrader Thomas

Long Form Editor

Shrader is a passionate storyteller with 20 years of experience as an editor in series, features, entertainment marketing, and advertising. His interest in documenting the world around him began at an early age, when his parents gave him a camera to take pictures on a safari. What began with terrible photos of giraffes sparked a career and love of visual and documentary narratives.


At USC School of Cinema, the joyful feeling of bringing story together through editing blossomed, and has since resulted in compelling, entertaining and impactful visual experiences for a variety of audiences and clients. While Camp Lucky and Shrader have known each other for a decade, it was the recent documentary collaborations, Van Go and “Hi I’m Sevy,” that organically evolved in his becoming an official part of the team.

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