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Behind The Title: Camp Lucky Audio Post Pro Scottie Richardson

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

Scottie Richardson is a sound designer and audio engineer for Camp Lucky — the new creative studio that unites Lucky Post and Lucky 21. Richardson’s path to this profession started when he was young and watched TV shows involving a mixing board — you read that correctly — and he has since worked on hundreds of commercials and short films.

“I record and mix dialogue, sound effects, voiceovers and music to create a final version of a soundtrack for a feature, television program or advertisement,” explains Richardson. “Creating a sonic balance between its various elements, all while managing the job and clients to meet the deadline and keep everyone smiling. Basically, I get paid to play all day.”

We caught up with Richardson to hear more about the job and how he makes sound as appealing as it looks. Read more via Post Perspective.

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