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It’s been a busy year at the Camp. Here is a quick recap in case you missed it!


JUNE 2021

With the acquisition of 922 Dragon Street, CAMP LUCKY began a several month construction plan to completely renovate the building while adding full service post and production capabilities under the same roof.


CAMP LUCKY continues growth of their Long Form Division, working on shows for major networks, including The Magnolia Network.


Alex Heisterkamp promoted to Editor at CAMP LUCKY. Since joining the Camp in 2015, Alex has been instrumental in the edit room. He has worked on such noted brands as RAM, YETI, Costa, Dickies, Lego, Whataburger, Toyota, Subway, as well as the powerful 2021 PSA about the dangers of DXM abuse. You can see his reel HERE.

APRIL 2022

CAMP LUCKY is here! Our studios at 922 Dragon Street in the Design District open its doors after a long renovation. Please come by and say, hi. We would love to see you!

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