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New Episode of Magnolia Network's Original Series "Hi I'm" Features 17-Year-Old Artist Sevy Eicher.

“Hi I'm Sevy" Editing and Post Provided by Camp Lucky, Produced by Rabbit Foot Entertainment in Association with One Chameleon Entertainment

“Hi I'm Sevy” is a documentary portrait of Sevy Marie Eicher, a 17-year-old girl with Down Syndrome who breaks down barriers and shares her gift of painting with the world. Her natural talent for art has had a widespread impact on inclusivity in the art world, inspiring hope through her adversity. Produced by Rabbit Foot Entertainment in association with One Chameleon Entertainment, “Hi I’m Sevy” is a featured episode in Magnolia Network’s “Hi I’m” original series in which individuals overcome extraordinary challenges, from traumatic injuries to childhood adversities, choosing to use their unique experiences as motivation to reach their life goals.

To bring “Hi I’m Sevy” to life, production studio Rabbit Foot turned to frequent collaborator Camp Lucky for a full suite of post services including creative editorial, color, sound and finishing. Editor Shrader Thomas, who has worked extensively in docu-content and advertising, explained that although the turn-around time for the hour-long film was an ambitious six weeks, everyone was so captivated by the story of Sevy and her family, they knew it was a “must do.” After a first edit, Shrader, director Jeff McQuitty and writer/producer Jon Michael Simpson worked side-by-side to hone a portrait of love that is nuanced, honest, and hopeful.

According to writer and executive producer Jon Michael Simpson, “I really enjoyed working with Shrader and the Camp Lucky team. To tell Sevy's story in this timeline, we needed to lay out a clear outline for the episode and have a strong relationship with the family. Our hope was for the audience to feel they were along for the journey, rather than simply being informed of it. Having a multifaceted post team who could process the material — including selects across vertie, interview, and archive moments — was key to accomplish this. Shrader's instincts were great and the edit sessions where he, Jeff, and I got to dial in the film was a highlight of the process for me.”

“It is such an inspirational, amazing story and Camp Lucky’s experience in post for longform content along with the turn-around of commercials came into play in supporting this project,” says Thomas. “Everyone involved had a clear vision to honor the people at the story’s center - Sevy, her family, and the growing community around them - including the other artists at the Sandal Gap studio and the people touched by the power of art.”

“This family and the Sandal Gap artists are creating a ripple effect in their community by inviting them into their work,” agrees Simpson. “We hope audiences will be inspired by the change they are creating and the impact Sevy and her art is having around the world.”

Magnolia Network's "Hi I'm Sevy" is exclusively streaming on discovery+ and the Magnolia app.

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