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Shots: TAZO's rip-roaring regenerative ad

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Edelman creates a fourth-wall-smashing spot that puts its money where its mouth is in regards to sustainable marketing.

Self-knowing spots that 'lift the lid' on the filmmaking process aren't exactly new, but few do it with the charm and authenticity of Edelman's cheeky new spot for TAZO.

Taking the knowledge that production is one of the ad industry’s biggest uses of energy, the creative team took a (tea) leaf out of the brand's book, in regards to its entire business model of being regenerative from the seedling to packaging, to shed light on how this approach can even extend to marketing and production. Directed by, and starring, Camp Lucky's Adam Littke, Regenerative takes several steps in creating no footprint, including:

  • Travel: shot in Texas with an entirely local crew. Zero crew members were flown in, serving an economic impact to the region while reducing emissions. In fact, many of the cast and crew biked and carpooled to set.

  • Energy to power lights + air conditioning: The work was shot in the director’s backyard, utilizing natural light and backdrop.

  • Catering + craft services: The set cast and crew was fed with vegan chili prepared by the director and eaten off of compostable materials that were actually composted on site upon wrap, eliminating single-use plastic and unused food that’s typically seen on set.

  • Create the right scenery: Native grasses and flowers were planted from local garden centers and served as backdrop for shoot, and more importantly, will bring lasting pollinators back into that space long after the set wrapped.

What's more, the brand are giving a $1 donation to regenerative farmers for every view on TikTok, so do the world a favour and point your browser in this direction.


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